Thursday 24 September 2015

Provincial Rankings

Just like hockey or soccer or baseball, I consider BBQ to be my competitive sport.

We also have provincial rankings through the Canadian Southern BBQ Association's BBQ amateur virtual BBQ circuit.

Results were posted today and I learned that Heart of Gold BBQ (HOG BBQ) is currently ranked 1st out of more than 30 teams in the CSBBQA.

Our fellow competitor Cory Wiseman from Cochrane and his one-man team Newfie Q is currently ranked third.

There is one competition left in October in Quebec and an Ottawa competitor of the team Boy meets Grills could still take the lead.  I will not be competing in that competition.

All the BBQ practice has paid off and Andrea and I are happy with our rankings, even if we do move down to 2nd place between now and October.

Sunday 13 September 2015

Timmins BBQ competition Results

What a great event we had in Timmins today.  It was a bit on the chilly side during set up (4C) but our smokers warmed us up and the warmth and friendliness of Timmins residents created a great day.

Thanks to the 7 teams listed below who participated in this first year event.  4 of the teams were local and 3 were travelling teams.

Here are the results.

Overall Results

Grand Champion : HOG BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion : Boy Meets Grill 
3rd : Newfie Q
4th : D-Dubs BBQ Grub
5th : Eastview Smokers
6th : Hot Diggity
7th : Super BBQ Bros


1st - Boy meets Grill
2nd - HOG BBQ
3rd - D-Dubs BBQ Grub
4th - Super BBQ Bros
5th - Eastview Smokers
6th - Newfie Q
7th - Hot Diggity


1st - HOG BBQ
2nd - Newfie Q
3rd - Boy Meets Grill
4th - Eastview Smokers
5th - D-Dubs BBQ Grub
6th - Hot Diggity
7th - Super BBQ Bros

Misery Box (oops. I mean Mystery Box)

1st - Newfie Q
2nd - HOG BBQ
3rd - Boy meets Grill

Mystery box ingredients were : Hanger Steak, Fruit Cocktail Mix, Capers, Vegan Cheese and Chicken Flavored instant ramen noodles.

Thanks to our sponsors 
Porcupine Hardware - TimberMart - Energymizers :  Broil King Keg
Cedar Meadows Resort : 500$ package
Canadian Tire Gas Bar - 200$ in gift cards
La Chaumiere Restaurant : breakfast for the teams
Eastview RV - Traeger grand prize for Northern BBQ Tour
Too many businesses to name who donated swag for the teams.

Thanks to CSBBQA reps for helping with the event : Sean Vodden, Tabitha Woodall, Bill Pudim, Barb Van Rassell, Mike Callaghan

Thanks to our organizers : Therèse Chartier and Phil Whissel
Thanks to the countless volunteers who helped out during the event.

Thanks to our judges : Tim, Jackie, Simon, Pierre, Andy, Lynn, Paul, MJ and Sean

Till next year.  

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Last BBQ competition of the Season

Well this is it.... The Northern BBQ season wraps up this Saturday (sept 12th) with a competition here in Timmins.

I still have room for a few last minute teams, but it would be certainly easier to plan if I find out early.

Up for grabs is a 1000$ Broil King Keg compliments of Timber-Mart and Energy Mizers here in Timmins.

2nd prize is a love and Romance Package from Cedar Meadows Resort.

This is the first competition I ever attend where Andrea wants me to place 2nd!!

Prizes for 1st ribs and 1st chicken are 100$ gift cards from Canadian Tire.

Many other prizes and gifts to be won thanks to generous local sponsors.  

Should be a blast. Hopefully, Heart of Gold BBQ can smoke out the competition at this event.