Friday 27 March 2015

So you wanna compete - Part 2.

In a previous post, I talked about how a bbq competition works.

So you've decided that you want to compete at one of the many amateur BBQ competitions in Ontario in Quebec.  What do you need.... how do you go about it.

First thing you need will be some type of way to cook your ribs and chicken.  These cookers can take many shapes and sizes.  From propane grills, to charcoal smokers to electric cabinet or pellet smokers.  In a BBQ competition, the only requirement is that you cook with some type of fire created by propane, wood or electricity.  No boiling ribs allowed unless you plan on serving soup.

One thing that cannot be controlled at a BBQ competition is the elements.  Most teams set up with a small pop-up canopy of some sort in case it rains.

Beyond these things, a fire extinguisher is a must to respect fire regulations.  Some type of setup to wash dishes with hot and cold water is a bonus as you will have knives, pans to clean during the event.  Some teams bring disposable dishes to avoid having to clean them on site.  I bring a propane fired turkey fryer to heat water for my dishes with a few large plastic tubs to clean up. 

A handwashing station is also beneficial.  Basically, some type of container with a spigot in which you can put hot water and run it continually (hands-free) can do the job.  If you look at the turkey fryer pictured above, it could also double as a handwash station as it has a spigot to control water flow as well.

Here is a pic of my handwash station, but you don`t have to have something this elaborate.  You could have a camping water container like the one pictured below. 

A few lawn chairs to sit around as it is a long day (5 hour cook time) so you will want to sit down and chat with some of the other teams.  A table to prepare your ribs and chicken.

A cooler with ice to keep your meat cold.

Also bring your spice rubs and sauces to make the best ribs and chicken money can buy.

But most importantly, bring your good humor, your friendship, your camaraderie and be prepared to have a great time.

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