Monday 9 March 2015

So you want to smoke some meat!! - Part 1.

I want to BBQ....  where do I start... what do I need.

There are plenty of options out there for those who want to learn to cook BBQ.  BTW, when I talk about BBQ, I`m talking about cooking things low and slow, usually over smoke.

My first experience into smoking came from watching a TV show called License to Grill on the Food Network.  It was hosted by Rob Rainford.

He was using just a regular propane grill and building foil packets filled with wood chips.  This was basically indirect cooking with heat on one side with the chip packet on top and meat on the other.  Let the smoke and low heat do it's magic.

I had great success using this method and it got me started down the BBQ path.  But running my grill like this for hours was hard on both the grill and costly in propane.  But it worked.  At the Smoke on the Water BBQ competition in Cochrane, the Danger Bros BBQ team from North Bay used this method quite well and came in top 4.

Eventually, my wife bought me my first dedicated smoker.  It was an electric cabinet smoker from Bass Pro.  It's not this exact model.  It was a bare-bones model with a thermostat and a timer.  It really did the job and brought my BBQ to a new level.  You place wood chips in a pan on the bottom, set the temp and time and leave it to do the work.  It was a great start.

You can usually find these models locally (like at Canadian Tire) for under 300$.  They also make a propane version which means you don`t need an electrical source to run them.  

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I start talking charcoal.

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