Sunday 3 May 2015

May is National BBQ Month

I follow a lot of BBQ related webpages, Facebook pages and Instagram pages.

The past few days, I've been seeing a lot of posts that May, is National BBQ month.

I don't know who the smart person is that chose May.  It may apply South of the border, where the BBQ's and Smokers are accessible most of the year.

Up in Northern Ontario, the last of the snow in my yard melted just yesterday.

Either way, May is a good time to pull out your grill, give it a good cleaning head to toe, check out the burners and even use a shop vac to clean out the interior.

Here is a good link to the Amazing Ribs website on proper care, maintenance and cleaning of your grill.  Some people will tell you that they never clean the grates on their grills cause it just adds flavor.  Don't believe them.  All it does is add the taste of burnt food and carbon to whatever you're cooking.  A well maintained grill should last you a really long time.  In Northern Ontario, often it's the burners that will rust out early but most times these can be replaced fairly easily.

So today is May 3rd... what will you be cooking on your grill this week?  Post down below in the comments.

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