Thursday 30 April 2015

Get to know your butcher.

I'm in Sudbury today and spent part of the late afternoon, chasing down local butchers in search of some fresh Chorizo.

I finally found some at Tarini Bros Meat and Fish.  If you`re even in Sudbury, I highly recommend a visit to this meat counter.  Not only did I find Chorizo, but I also bought some Andouille Sausage as well as a South African sausage called Boerewors.

In Timmins, we do have a few places where you can get some decent meat.  I'm always happy with the meat Counter at Pick of the Crop.  Also, Harrold, the butcher at Levis Foodland is always able to find you the cuts of meat you might be looking for.

Talk to your local butcher.  Ask them what THEY like to cook.  Ask them what's good value at the moment and they will steer you in the right direction.

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